Demon Prey


Exclusive from Prey for BOSL FASHION WEEK

 darkly delightful ensemble by Prey which includes a shadowy, ebony Capulet paired with a deliciously scandalous, body-conscious jumpsuit. The artfully designed pant-legs drape beautifully down the leg culminating in a tapered silhouette at the ankle. The discreet, but slightly naughty slits from hip to ankle guarantee that the object of your desire will be hypnotized as you entertain as only you can.

Channel Morticia Addams in this luxurious outfit and ask your guests to “Scream if you need anything!”

Im also wearing a head piece from Azoury called  Ishtar  the black headpiece has black feathers at the tips imitating horns that curve down to the lace and bead detailed front that also has strings of beads hanging  giving this a very unique and original look

Thanks For Looking

Style Eternal

Prey Mainstore

Prey, Bloodmoon  (180, 132, 26)

AZOURY Main Store


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