Welcome to my blog, showing my day to day fashion and styles, and everything in-between, and also my own creations from “IF”-Designs.

Being a model in Second Life for 4 years has shown me that anything is possible and should never be mundane and simple, and to think out of the box, not wear out of the box,  i have built up a very wide range of items in my wardrobe everything from Avent Guard to everyday formal to casual, i like to put my own spin to everything i do, mix and match different designers and create new looks, Second Life has many possibility’s and concepts the only limitations are the ones we put on ourself’s open your mind  let your imagination show you a new and exciting way to look at things,

I hope you like what you see from this blog, and that it inspires you to try it out for yourself,  ” STYLE IS ETERNAL”   add another page.


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