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Two new bracelet set for the animal campaign

Carrying on with the chop zuey tradition, today commences the 2018 Animal Campaign with – It’s A Dogs Life Charm Bracelets in Gold, 100 % of the Proceeds of this bracelet will be donated to Monkey House Dog hospice a local shelter, 2018 is the year of the dog and at Chop Zuey we want to share the love and give back to the animals of this planet they so kindly share with us

The intricate charm bracelets has a gold chain from which hangs all manner of different breed of  dog dressed in period clothing and various other doggy trinkets including gem encrusted gold dogs and bones and paws, as well as pearls and gems, The bracelets have a resizer for that perfect fit,

(This Bracelet is not part of the Campaign but available @ Chop Zuey & makes a Great Gift)

There is also Cat bracelets called – Cat Royale- for the cat lovers out there, not part of the campaign but still as stunning, again the bracelet is set in gold with a gold chain, and cat portraits also in period clothing hang in pendants adored by gems and pearls, little cats and paws are also added to the chain, as well as pearls and gems, the bracelets have resizers.

Some Info about Monkey’s House Dog Hospice:

After helping her foster dog Monkey through his final days of life, Michele Allen knew she’d found her calling. In 2015, the former nurse started Monkey’s House, a hospice and second home for terminally ill dogs that would otherwise be euthanized in shelters. Currently, Allen helps around 25 dogs at a time, giving them customized love, care and comfort in their final months, weeks and days.

available at the Chop Zuey main store :



Lady Ba of the Nine Heavens


Lady Ba of the Nine Heavens

My first blog for a long time so when Belle Roussel  asked me to blog this fun set how could i refuse,

This two part set is comprised of a choker and earrings set and a face piercing set, both beautifully made to match   in the first set is a choker solid gold with a  intricate gold lace clasp at the back and front inlaid with gems and pearls for that extra sparkle with the matching earrings makes a pretty set,

In the second set, which is a face piercing set there is a unique nose piecing in the same design as the earrings and choker but held in place with a gold bar, pretty eye piercings that have a ring of gems surrounding a single pearl, check piercings cast in gold filigree with gems and pearl inlay, a septum ring with a gems centre piece and pearls on each end, gem studs for the chin and upper lip set in gold

Both set have a colour changeable hud for the gems and the pearls which has 6 colour options and a pose resizer

The sets are available at 

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68 event LM

Stormy Heart

Stormy Heart

New from Chop Zuey

another wonderful new release from Chop Zuey, a three-tier drop necklace and matching erring, there is there  chain lengths each one supporting its own special pendent, the shorter chain has a small flower with a tiny gem in the centre, then the next has a key  which also has tow small gems and the longest chain has a large heart made up with an abundance of smaller flowers each with a gem set in the middle, the gems are colour changeable via a hud with fourteen colour options and an auto stand and resizer, which is great if you don’t have a pose stand handy.  The set also comes with small flower earrings in tow sizes large and small, also colour changeable.

The set is available at the designer showcase event, now on

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New from Jumo

It makes a refreshing change to not be wearing a dress, as a rule I tend to live my life in jeans and top, so why should SL be any different,

This outfit from jumo called Caroline is great for the summer with its summer colours, The silk shirt has a tied front detail and has 10 printed textures + 10 smooth colors and HUDs to change them, the jeans also 10 Jeans Textures controlled by hud, the whole outfit is fitted Mesh for mesh bodies. Also with the outfit is matching jewelry  a wrapped gold chain has a gold coin pendent, two gold coins for earring  brings the set together,

I’m also wearing hair from jumo called Amanda it comes in a variation of colours and has a lola size

available in store

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New release at Azul

Originally released at the 0n9 event, Epie is now available at mainstore this pretty three layers mesh dress has a satin laced texture with a lace flexi skirt add-on with the dress is a flower head band in two styles with or without a veil which can either be in a lace or sheer texture, Epie comes in 16 great colours, and five standard mesh sizes and mesh body’s sizes the head band and flexi skirt are resizeable

Available instore

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Summer in bloom


Mika from Azul now instore

 Summer is definitely here with A cute little dress from Azul,  the halterneck dress has a cross over strap at the back that then wraps around under the bust, a satin texture has pretty spring flowers printed on it,  the dress comes with mesh fitted shorts, in a white cotton which come in five standard mesh sizes and sizes for mesh bodies as does the dress which also comes in a range of summer colours,

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New From AZUL

 All that glitters could be gold and in this case it’s more like sequins a cute little party dress covered in them

The sleeveless halter necked dress has an abundance of them to make you glitter and shine from all angles, the Satin strap crosses at the back and then wraps around the body, and edged with satin, the dress also comes with shorts

The dress and shorts comes in five standard mesh sizes including sizes for mesh bodies (always try demos) and 16 great colours

Available in store

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