New from ~AZUL~

The newest addition to the AZUL collection, this dress is more for the semi formal occasions.  the two-tone dress has a black top that has lace detail and a high-necked collar with buttons running down the front,  long  sleeves which are fuller at the cuff are toned to match the waist and skirt part of the dress. flexi skirts bring movement around the knees,

A gold necklace also comes with the dress its golden rose sit on the neck with golden strands falling from the bottom rose

THe dress comes in five standard mesh sizes and come in different colours to suit your tastes.

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New from Jumo

Colette Gown was inspired by the Parisian homonym store, one of the most modern and fashionable shops on the planet, conceptual and luxurious for modern women.

The long-sleeved gown has a high neck and an open back, its colour changeable via a hud which has 10 smooth colors + 20 printed textures. also included with the gown are crystal earring, set in gold  that have a balled crystal on one side  while the other side is missing as that is attached to the clutch bag as a clasp, the clutch also comes with the outfit and is covered in a black crocodile skin, which is resizable,

The gown come in five standard mesh sizes and sizes mesh body’s, Always try demos,

Available in store

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New from ~AZUL~

If you want versatility then this is the outfit for you, you can go from day to-night in easy step Nora has two skirt length options both just as gorgeous in beautiful quality satin the way only Azul can make,  The More casual skirt has a slight fullness which stops on the thigh where as the second skirt is a full length formal skirt, the top has straps over the shoulders and around the neck which attaches to a bra top and then more straps underneath , to finish the look puffy half sleeves with a full cuff,

the outfit skirts and sleeves come in five standard mesh sizes and, the tops has mesh body sizes including Belleza, Slink , Maitreya and TMP, but like always try the demos first, and comes in sixteen amazing colours

Available in store and on market place

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Under Gown


New from Virtual Diva

Another stunning gown by Virtual Diva this is simply called Under Gown its sleek lines and a figure hugging shape adds a voluptuousness to the look,

The over the shoulder gown is made with the best satin which is wrapped and tucked to show off your curves a detailed embroidered pattern is sown on the the shoulder piece and matches the silk drape that drops from the waist, the bottom of the gown has the same beautifully detailed embroidery,  and to finish the gowns look a feather head piece,  a beautiful gown that shimmers from all angles,

Available in store now

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New from ~AZUL~  featuring Lyrical B!zzare

Made for Miss Portugal 2017

The Portuguese participate in many cultural activities, indulging their appreciation of art, music, drama, and dance. Portugal has a rich traditional folklore , with great regional variety. In smaller towns and villages, cultural activity may revolve around local folklore.

SO keeping with the rich and deeply cultured traditions of the region this dress ticks all the boxes with a modern touch, a laced up bodice has straps that hang off the shoulders and a flexi top skirt has embroidered details on each panel giving fullness to the gown and a mesh undershirts features a lace patterned hem the mesh skirt comes in two lengths the outfit also has flexi sleeves tied on with a ribbon,

I am Also wearing a camo necklace set from Lyrical Bizarre which has a black bowed ribbon with a camo set in the centre and matching cameo earrings. made for the Bloody Valentine Event but now in the shiny brand new store

The outfit comes in five mesh sizes and 16 wonderful colours including a marketplace edition

Available in stores now

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Lyrical Bizarre

L Amore


New from Virtual Diva

a new release from Virtual Diva this gown is very unique, in its design, and perfect for anyone looking for a gown that out of the ordinary.

This Beautiful white gown has a ribbed corset with lace panels on the bodice covering a satin cup with a laced edge, a single white rose sits proudly between the cleavage which matches the shoulder piece, on the back of the dress is a large bow with long flexi silks topped off with a laced edge that float around you giving the gown life, a large Flexi skirt add the drama to the outfit and a fullness that will make your big day a memorable one and finally a head ornament made from hearts finishes the gown with the three large hearts at the front and a stream of tiny hearts coming out from them decorating the head and adding the hint of romance

Available at the Swank Event

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New from Lyrical B!zarre  My Bloody Valentine Event

The second of two outfits made for the event the halter necked dress has lace design on the body with a rich cotton for the skirt portion a netting flexi skirt attaches to the skirt also with the dress are part lace part cotton leggings made for slink high feet, that work well with the slink high platforms that have a unique caged heel and a laced toe, inside the heel are 2 silver fleur-de-lis, and finally a caged headpiece with flower decoration on each side and tiny spikes running across the top

Available at the  My Bloody Valentine Event its the last day today so get your butt down there and take a look around.

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Timeline: February 2nd – February 17th 2017