Bloodshed From Wiccas Wardrobe For Ironwood Hills – Haunting Event

Exclusive for the iron hill Haunting event from Wiccas Wardrobe are these very cool gloves,

The long gloves  will look great with any Halloween outfit or for just adding that little bit of danger, the gloves are 100% mesh and are the clean version on the previous released gloves with blood splatter of the same event so you have a choice, The gloves feature barbed wire wrapped around them and spikes and metal places along the sleeve as well as the cuff, the glove itself has metal fingers with a claw at the end,

Theses gloves are only for Maitreya, but comes with a colour changeable hud that has 6 different colours to change the body of the glove and 6 different metal colours to change the claws wire and metal plates and fingers

I’m also wearing Make up by Zibska called Iova The eye makeup  and lipstick comes in 12 great colours which are bright and vibrant great of any occasion, and are available at the SaNaRae Event, also at the event is Iova mask & rabble with 12 colours in solid & semi transparent vs for mask & rabble via HUD.(not going to show you this you’ll have to see for yourself) Makeups are compatible with LAQ, Catwa, Leluka, and Omega via huds and also system tattoo layers

A great addition to your wardrobe

Thanks for looking

Ironwood Hills LM:

Wiccas Wardrobe

SaNaRae Event LM:

Zibska LM :
Marketplace :


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