e outfiAngela

New from ISA D ORABLE-CREATIONS Featuring Tashi

Even the blessed fall sometimes, this angel fell from heaven  but cant seem to get back into good grace, Lucky for us as we can see her at the swank event this april,

The outfit is a strapless corset style mini dress with lace around the top and down the front textured in a grey cotton with printed tribal details around the hip and on the bust and back, on the sides are fastening details as well as buckle details on the front, the pointed skirt has more lace detailing along the edge also included in the outfit is a necklace cast in silver with black gems. The outfit also comes with its own dark wings, and in sizes for mesh bodies and five fit mesh sizes

I have also added a headpiece from Tashi called Raziel this black blindfolded headpiece has a chain detail hanging from a centre piece where a single gem sits and has a small flower added to the centre matching the flowers on each side where wings then start the headpiece has a colour changeable hud for either white or black and you can change the metal colours from gold to silver and is resizable.

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Tashi LM:

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