New from Lyrical B!zarre

Andes has attitude and they say that what you wear directly relates to your emotions which in turn will make you feel more confident, the strapless dress has a tri coloured studded texture running around the body and chest  on a black cotton which follows on down to a mid length skirt which has a mesh centre insert that comes in five mesh sizes the dress itself is a jacket and glitch pant system layer outfit  but has an Omega applier for compatible body’s, and comes in four different colours Blue, gold, pink and silver, this outfit is available at the Buy Now Event

I am also wearing jewelry from Lyrical B!zarre called Asema the set comprises of two arm bands and bracelets, necklace and belt the beautifully crafted set has  gold chains holding small black disks that have golden details decorating it, the necklace has one large dick hanging from a gold chain with black gems and a black string which it also hanging from the bottom on the disk, the black  waving belt has the same disk and chin details as the rest of the set bringing all elements together, and is available at the Inspiration Event.

Thanks for Looking

Event name: Buy Now {Monthly}
Timeline: Listings are now live
Keyword: BN17-March
Official Website:

Event name: Inspiration
Timeline: 19th March, 8amSLT – 9th April, 8amSLT  LM:

Lyrical Bizarre


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