New from ~AZUL~  featuring Lyrical B!zzare

Made for Miss Portugal 2017

The Portuguese participate in many cultural activities, indulging their appreciation of art, music, drama, and dance. Portugal has a rich traditional folklore , with great regional variety. In smaller towns and villages, cultural activity may revolve around local folklore.

SO keeping with the rich and deeply cultured traditions of the region this dress ticks all the boxes with a modern touch, a laced up bodice has straps that hang off the shoulders and a flexi top skirt has embroidered details on each panel giving fullness to the gown and a mesh undershirts features a lace patterned hem the mesh skirt comes in two lengths the outfit also has flexi sleeves tied on with a ribbon,

I am Also wearing a camo necklace set from Lyrical Bizarre which has a black bowed ribbon with a camo set in the centre and matching cameo earrings. made for the Bloody Valentine Event but now in the shiny brand new store

The outfit comes in five mesh sizes and 16 wonderful colours including a marketplace edition

Available in stores now

Thanks For Looking

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Lyrical Bizarre


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