New From Wiccas Wardrobe For We ❤ Role Play

Wicca has spoilt us this month with four great items to pick up. The first is Samara outfit, with two ways of wearing it, a long pant or a short slip both included in the pack, made in leather the pants have a belt detail and colour trim  an leather top includes a leather collar that runs down to a metal waist detail embellished with gems also included with the outfit are arm and wristbands  the outfit comes with a colour changeable hud to change the the outfit colour metals lights and belt. and is available for mesh bodies Maitreya, and slink please try demo

Secondly is tracer hair, a metal plate attaches to your head while coloured tubes run over the head and down the back of your neck, this comes with a resizer and colour changeable hud.

Next is  Spirant Cyber Mask covering the nose and mouth this mask has coloured tubes running around the head to a metal plate on the head, this also has a resizer and colour changeable hud,

and lastly Commander Headset Comes in both left and right options this headset a control earpieces with buttons and a target eyepiece that is colour changeable with a hud and a microphone a connection wire attaches to the back, making communication easier in the cyber world also has a resizer

Available at the We Love Roleplay Event

Thanks For Looking

We ❤ RP LM:

Wiccas Wardrobe


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