New from WIcca’s Wardrobe for the Gacha Guardians

Taking you back to the victorian steampunk era, Tabitha is a strapless corset dress with a ribbed centre panel and studded leather straps, and strap clasp fastenings at the back,, the outfit also has matching knee high boots that lace up the front and includeds straps and small side pockets details on the sides a unique heel detail has a cog wheel and chain incorporated into it

also for part of the outfit are arm and wrist cuffs. the wrist cuffs have a qwerty keyboard on them,  and a hat with a pocket watch that tucks in a small pocket on the front and a ribbon hanging from the back, finishing the outfit is a eye patch that has a fitted eye glass. and a necklace made from cogs and attached with a ribbon and chains,

The Outfit comes in three colours, and is compatible for mesh bodies, including fitmesh,  everything comes as a common gacha item however there is two rare editions which include, a corset dress hat and eyepatch,and a second rare of boots and arm and wrist cuffs,

information available in store

Thanks for Looking

Wiccas Wardrobe

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