Precious Breazes

Precious Breazes

Exclusive from Sascha’s Designs and Indulge Temptation for the SWANK EVENT

A gown for any occasion but wouldn’t it make you a glowing bride on your wedding day,  however or wherever you want to wear you will be dressed in the finest from Sascha’s Designs.  Breazes is a halterneck gown with spaghetti straps that attach to the low cut back made of quality silk that has a crunched texture the dress will definitely turn some heads, with its slimline shape enhancing each curve down to the light silk skirts there is a three option skirt attachments  Sweeper Flexi Skirt, Floof Flexi skirt and a  Frizzy Flexi Skirt that can be worn together,also with the gown is a hat, baby pink bows hold  white flowers and silver stems, and not forgetting  white opera style long sleeved gloves which have a hud to change the hand positions,  It comes in five mesh sizes and a fit mesh size

I am also wearing Jewelry from Indulge Temptation called   Precious Bond a double beaded necklace that fastened at the front via a gold hooked feather from which hangs a single gem and matching earrings it is resizable with a hud driven menu with ten metal options and eleven bead colours  there are six set to choses from plus a bonus gift

Worn together your be the belle of the ball

Thanks for Looking

Style Eternal


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Indulge Temptation LM:  –


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