New From Wiccas Wardrobe For The Vintage Fair

Summers has arrived, and it’s time to head to the seaside, taking a swim or just paddling in the surf,  whatever your reason to visit it wouldn’t be the same with out a cool icecream  while soaking up the rays, unless you just want to enjoy the scenery in which case your need to wear something that will keep you cool and stylish

Monique from Wiccas Wardrobe would be the best choice keeping you covered but cool at the same time with the short dress and low neckline the dress has a over layer waistcoat edged with silk , with a slim buckle belt the dress comes in Four coloured and five mesh sizes

Available for the next couple of days at the Vintage Fair so head on over and take a look

Thanks For Looking

Style Eternal

Wicca’s Wardrobe @ Vintage Fair 2016 :

Wiccas Wardrobe


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