Nitty Ka

Nitty Ka

New Release from Chop Zuey

The Nitty Ka  set is one of the newest releases from Chop Zuey with a flavor of the native indians this set has elements of all the spiritual plains, gems, leaves, feathers, gold and silver. The necklace comes in five separate layers the first layer is a string of tiny silver balls wrapped around the neck giving a base for the over layer the second layer is a silver  choker decorated with small silver and gold leaves and beads that has a opening at the back the third layer is gold chain covered in lucky charms and amulets and tiny gems that could have been collected while on your travels. the next layer has a leather thong necklace which has brown leaves and fine gold leaves and feathers with beads and even more charms and keepsakes and the last layer has a tree tier look of gold setting of the whole necklace, but can be worn separately but looks better together

Two bracelets take the elements of all the layers and wrapped them together with more silver beads more charms and leaves  and finally hoop earrings set in gold with added charms hang down completing the look

the set also has a colour changeable hud for the metals, gem , and elements of all five necklaces, so you can match to your outfits and a resizer, Feel the spirits in this set, and may you have luck wherever you go

Thanks For Looking

Style Eternal

Chop Zuey LM:


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