Hunter Instincts

Hunter Instints

Exclusive from Lyrical B!zzare featuring Finesmith

A hunter relies on their instincts every time they head out into the unknown, this hunter has an advantage,

an outfit for the ross event from Lyrical B!zzare called hunter a strapless dress black dress with a transparent undershirt covered in gold flakes the dress has cut out sides and a mesh panel skirt which has a transparent underlayer which carries on the design from the shirt, the dress comes in five mesh sizes as well as the skirt panel which goes with the omega applicator for the outfit available at the ross event till the 28th

I have added the Instincts Mix jewelry from Finesmith  snakes of all sizes and colours gold snakes for a head piece and earring encircling the head and ear an entangle of three coloured snakes spitting the chain tongues  as a brooch and golden snake bracelet and armband and a 3 black snakes twisting into a third band, topping it all off is a black and white snake back piece, a great piece to make a statement with

Two wonderful designs for two wonderful designers, head over and pick yours up

Thanks for Looking

Style Eternal

Ross Event LM:


Lyrical Bizarre


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