Exclusive for The Secret Affair from Wicca’s Wardrobe

 The Light of the Earth is the theme for this month’s event, and this set from Wicca’s Wardrobe embodies the essence of all the light forces that accumulate around us, the headband has a single   gemstone centered on the forehead and on the band celtic writing encircling the band and the gem like some ancient spell or charm,  giving the wearer protection from dark forces, the chain necklace has a pentagram pendant from which hang gemstones to match the stone at the top of the chain, the pentagram is continued on the bracelets hanging on a chain with added gems, wrist cuff sit just above the bracelets with its symbols and writings and to finish the set arm plates edged with stars around a center pattern

The set is resizeable and comes with a colour changeable hud for each element of the set,

Thanks for Looking

Style Eternal

The Secret Affair LM:

Wiccas Wardrobe



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