New from Finesmith

 A beautiful new set from Finesmith, Roxanne Fairy Tears, full body jewelry staring with a eye decor  three silver chains, hang down for aqua gems set to the side of the eye, on the bridge of the nose is a single black flower, large aqua stoned earring have smaller gems sett around them which brings you to the necklace, tear shaped gems encircle the neckline to a spray of larger gems set in sliver   the spray is continued in the nipple pastie to the left side with added tear drops hanging from the lower gems, the right side has a  stream gems that run down the body interlaced with black flowers and large pendulum gems  ending up with a smaller spray of gems, two bracelets complete the set large silver cuffs, set with aqua gems and black roses. each part of the set is resizeable via a pop up menu

Available Instore

Thanks For Looking

Style Eternal


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