Alberta HOPE

Alberta HOPE

*The Courage Event*
Models Giving Back introduces “The Courage Event”. A Two week fundraiser event for the Canadian Red Cross Alberta Fire relief fund. It will run from May 15 – May 31.
JUMO Fashion will be there with 2 wonderful outfits big success in sales exclusive in new colors for this event, these colors will never seeing again.

The strapless dress has an oversized back cape adding to the volume of the gown and giving the skirt a full train sweeping the ground as you walk ,The dress also has a unique cage collar made of gold and is covered in roses to match the colour of the dress  the roses also run down the front, Alberta comes in Five sizes and because it’s from JUMO it also comes with its own matching accessories, including a necklace, earrings, bracelets, rings, and a tiara all made from gold and is decorated with large cream gems

Thanks For Looking

Style Eternal

The Courage Event – Aid for Alberta:



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