New from Jumo For the Miss Virtual Latino America Collection

– Veronica Aborigine Outfit
MVL Veronica Aborigine Outfit is a wonderful costume outfit made for Veronica Krasner 4th Runner up MVL♛PARAGUAY 2016 has chosen to work with the aborigine root and colors of Paraguay.

A stand out outfit made with an abundance of feathers, the back piece come in 4 pieces each with a larger gold centre piece which is covered in sharp Claw pieces and different colour gems, matching the three colours of the feathers, a thick gold chain shoulder piece covered in gems with red tassles hand down, while the red tassle theme is repeated for the gold nipple shields and pant decoration the pants also have the claw details fitting in with the rest of the outfit, long red feathers sprouting from the top of the gemmed headpiece completes the look the outfit also has added slink high shoes decorated with claws

bring out the native in you with this great outfit

Available instore now

Thanks For Looking

Style Eternal

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