Exclusive for the SWANK Event from Lyrical Bizarre featuring Finesmith

Trying to get myself ready for a evening but just can’t seem to bring myself to cover this corset and pant set from lryical B!zzare no matter what i try i can only come up with just sitting in the soft cotton corset top with its half flower detail across the top with its twisting and weaving detail on the bodice giving an illusion of flower stems growing up and connecting with the flowers from a scalloped fluted edge finishes the bottom of the corset, so it might be good to wear some pants just to show it off, but then what about the under pants printed in the same texture as the top the pants have a scalloped front with thin side straps,  well they could be my little secret but at least ill know i have matching underwear no matter what i decide

I am Also wearing the jewellery set from Finesmith called HEART CATCHER interlaced hearts cover the neck attached with a chain that sits securely around your neck, embedded gems adorn the points of the haerts adding a little colour and has matching earrings.

Available at the swank event

Thanks for looking

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Lyrical Bizarre


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