New Release from ~AZUL~ Valsnia

This stunning gown made for Miss V Indian 2016 comes in twelve colours and a limited edition colour (worn)

The top of the outfit is a scalloped hankie style softly covering the chest and fastened with spaghetti strap around the back and neck, in a luxury satin material silk drapes hang from the arms and back floating behind in a mist of colour, A long silk skirt give the impression of a long gown with its silk panels gently swaying as you move, around the waist i there is a choice of two colours variations of belts one matching the colour of the dress and a contrasting colour hugging the hips as drapes of silk hang from it, a secondary silk belt wraps around the waist which has a clasp at the front from which more silk draping down

The outfit comes in five mesh sizes and has resizers for all prim parts,

Available Instore Now

Thanks For Looking

Style Eternal


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