New Release  from  .:JUMO:.  called Cult

As part of the Ferosh Collection  for the fashion weekend starting on Friday the 22nd January for the new Collection: Autumn Winter 2016 which will be released on the 22th January exclusively for the weekend, Jumo Kicks of this event with a fashion show at 2pm slt, and one of the many outfits is Cult

Another gorgeous gown from the new collection an off the shoulder gown with long sequined texture sleeves  and a rounded neckline, the gown has a dual coloured  sequined texture, at the waist is a coloured fringe that flexes around.

added jewelry for the gown comprises of a large gem necklace, a choice of large, midi and small earrings face jewels for boths sides and a nose piercings Cult comes in five colour choices and five mesh sizes

Thanks for Looking

Style Eternal

 Ferosh Fashion Weekend LM -Jumo Booth FEROSH.

JUMO Fashion Show: 22th January 2:00PM



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