Exclusive for THe Instruments From Belles Parisiennes 

Diane is a very former italic divinity, identified by Romain with Artémis. The narratives in which she intervenes are of Greek origin.
She was adored as goddess of the hunting, as divinity which attends the birth. We emphasized however more the fact that she was the sister of Apollo and commanded the light that on his(her,its) huntress’s character;

the outfit comprises of a fringe top corset and pants in a grey texture, brown thigh high boots with laces up the front, the shoulder pieces have tiny blue and white flowers decorating with golden leaves arching out that are also present on the legs. golden arms bands and antlers with a half crescent adorn the head while a celebrate detailed staff and bow finishes the outfit

collect all the pieces from the gacha

thanks for looking

Style Eternal

 The Intruments LM  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/INSTRUMENTS/112/242/34

 Belles Parisiennes  LM



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