Sookie Reborn


Exclusive for SWANK from Wicca’s Wardrobe

Sookie  exclusive for SWANK from wicca’s wardrobe,   this strapless dress is detailed with laces and straps while the laces attach to the middle of the dress back and front  the straps with buckles sit snugly to your side pulling and tucking keeping everything in place the back of the dress has a corset style fastening that run the length of the dress, while the front features a long zip the dress is made from a two-tone black and silver leather and comes in five sizes and a fitmesh 

Also Available this round is this wonderful headpiece called Seska with woven and twisted black and silver cast metal the head piece cradles the head and face from the tip of the nose following the curves over the head where it fans out and drops down ,held together by  looping strands. 

Thanks for Looking

Style Eternal

Wiccas Wardrobe 


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