Exclusive for The Instruments from  Belles Parisiennes 

Command the ice element with a twitch of your staff, send blizzards or even freeze the great lakes nothing is impossible, with this Gatcha Outfit from  Belles Parisiennes, it comes in two colours dark or light blue,

The full outfit contains a strapless puff skirt with embroidered snowflakes in fitted mesh for system and some mesh bodies, shoulder pieces decorated with blue poinsettias with a silk back drape and matching gloves in five mesh sizes, gladiator boots  and a headpiece in silver with white poinsettias on each side,  Finishing the outfit is an ultra rare staff with its elaborate headpiece with a large blue stone as its center piece.

For everyone that likes a little bit of fantasy in there life and loves Gatcha’s  you wont be disappointed

I am also wearing eyeliner from Jumo one of the new releases 

Thanks For Looking

Style Eternal

The Intruments LM

Belles Parisiennes LM   marketplace :



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