Space Age


Exclusive for the Instruments From Belles Parisiennes

From the Back yard to the far edges of space there’s only one thing that stays a constant battle, keeping up with the latest fashions, Belles Parisiennes has brought out an exclusive outfit for any fashion conscious being no matter where you’re from,

The outfit called Tenue Stars Princesse comes in two colours white and black but both are out of this world,

The dress in leather has golden stripes running down the corset and into the skirt while on golden cages cover the hips, the shoulders are adorned with gold leaf Pauldrons with a flowered edge, giving a softness to the warrior appearance, The outfit also comes with its own hair, bound with gold it features a spinning space station on top,

Included also are thigh high boots that come in five sizes finishing the look.

Thanks For Looking

Style Eternal

Belles Parisiennes LM
Dark Rose (43,69,21)

The Intruments LM


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