Galaxy Bar


Exclusive for The Instruments from Wicca’s Wardrobe

Hanging out at the Galaxy bar was always a little dull, everything was the same the air was as usual clogged with smoke, and the smells WOW.  but not any more, not since i started to wear  Fhloston  from wicca’s wardrobe the cobalt blue outfit cut dramatically low to the navel and from the gold shoulders a high neck collar with a back piece that flows out like the wings then tucks back into the gold waist band that hugs the hips following the body, the gold is carried on in the corset top three golden bands stretch out across the breast holding the top up  Fhloston  also has arm bands in gold with spike details, I wearing a mask called  Spirant with matching hair called  Tracer wires and pipes run around the face and head from the centre of the mask shielding you for all sorts of nasty smells and gas, the hair, styled in a mohican style is attached to a place that sits on the head and runs down the back,

my shoes are called  Freya blue straps with a gold buckle and  black toe and heel  the souls have a gold top band with a black lower band leaving the middle clear.

I’m so glad i went to The Instruments this round 

thanks for looking

Style Eternal

Wiccas Wardrobe

The Intruments LM


2 thoughts on “Galaxy Bar

  1. Wicca Merlin November 22, 2015 / 15:58

    Haha I so love that story and the picture 🙂 ty so much niecey ❤


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