New From JUMO Veronica

Elegance and Grace comes to mind when you first see this dress, the off the shoulder square-cut from bodice has stunning detail across the bust line which continues around the edge of the drop back where it meets the gold waist band. the long skirts has a high center leg split while the skirt itself flows gently away at the back,  the gown has an over skirt made from the same quality satin that collects in layers at the waist and then falls away at the side, and comes in five colours and mesh sizes

Also included in the outfit is Jewelry beaded bracelets , rings and earrings set in gold to match the stunning necklace as it curls around your neck,

I have also added a head-piece from Wicca’s Wardrobe, from the Art in Hats event. Antoinette a modern take on an a style straight out of Tudor times, the black and Silver headpiece standing proud on the head while a delicate lace veil sweeps down to cover the face while giving the wearer a sense of mystery.

Now Available

Thanks for looking

Style Eternal


Wicca’s Wardrobe

Art In Hat Event LM


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