Exclusive For Art in Hats from Wicca’s Wardrobe –  Phaedra

Ever wanted to feel like a super Hero, flying though the skies and leaping buildings, keeping an eye on everything below cape blowing in the wind as you survey the city from high,  Phaedra will keep your secret identity secret and give you that very unique look.

The Headpiece has a tight skull covering, and to the side large fans spread out around the ears to help your super hearing, while the cage ear covers protect your ears from  falling debris as you zoom in and out of buildings, on the top of the headpiece are long antennas which have gems attached to the ends

 Phaedra also comes with a  colour changer hud, so you can change the colours to suit your suit or your mood for the day, and is resizable.

super heroes don’t need to dress drab any more head over to the Art in Hats event all proceeds go to a good cause


Thanks For Looking

Style Eternal

Wicca’s Wardrobe


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