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Three exclusive hats from Lyrical B!zarre  for the Art In Hats Charity Event.

This year ART in HATS – HATS in ART has selected Team Diabetes of Second Life (, an official charity of the American Diabetes Association, as a charitable beneficiary of the event. A portion of proceeds will go to the charity and we will be holding a unique hat auction at the end of the event with exclusive designs!

Adele hat – all the colours of the rainbow brought together and crafted into layers simulating petals of a flower cradling the head in an explosion of colour definitely a stand out piece.

Danette Hat – This hat features black and white feathers coming down to a circlet of  Black and White satin, folds perched on the head elegantly, making any outfit shine. and finally

Chloe hat –  haute couture at its very best in this black hat with a sparkling of whites across the head cap and into the large folds at the back with an added detail of hanging gems along the bottom edge twinkling like tiny stars in the evening light

Thanks For Looking

Style Eternal

Available at the Art in Hat event

Lyrical Bizarre


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