Great Day For A Walk


 Exclusive for the F.A.D Event from Wiccas Wardrobe

As the seasons start to change but not knowing what the day will bring, or even how to dress accordingly,

Well Wiccas Wardrobe has help out with her exclusives for F.A.D. Firstly a wrapped vest called Daria its asymmetric designed wrap is sleeveless with a longer back the front comes together and is fastened with over sized brown buttons on a green cotton which matches the green flair cuffs on the brown leather  three-quarter length pants called Yves soft and comfortable the pants have a dotted detail texture and green button studs running down both sides of the leg blending both the vest and pant cuffs together, but that’s not all,

Wicca has also added boots called Cleora with the same Viridian Green top skirt over a brown boot the top has a zip feature on the side and a popper clasp strap at the ankle keeping you feet dry and cosy, also available is a cap called  Batschkapp  in Brown leather  with a green band, finishing the exclusive are glasses called Kai the green round lenses sit in a brown frame,  keeping with the autumn colour theme.

Thanks For Looking

Style Eternal

F.A.D Event
FAD Location:

Wiccas Wardrobe


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