For the  Mesh Avenue Event from Lyrical B!zarre

Lyrical has spoilt us at this event we have a choice of five stunning items

firstly a dress called Trey this sleeveless dress has a high collar and silk drapes that hang from the shoulders down to the low-cut back bringing a little elegance while the dress itself is figure hugging full length sweeping as you walk, in a scale effect texture that flatters your shape and accentuates, ,

And a hat called Leigh the black hat sparkles as you move with its thousand’s of tiny gems and silver lined petals spread out softly across the head

Tyler is a jewelery set of earrings and bracelets black ring of pearl interlinked to create a dramatic effect and bracelets

A necklace called Petra combines all the sets together with its pearl and flower detail also in black and edged with sliver sparkles

and lastly a set containing a necklace and bracelet set in black and white pearls finishes the Items

if you’re looking for elegance and style head on over to the

 Mesh Avenue Event
Timeline: Oct 10th – Oct 30th

Thanks For Looking

Style Eternal

 Mesh Avenue Event LM  

Lyrical Bizarre


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