Bloody Mary

bloody mary_004

New from Morea Style for the Halloween season

One of Two new releases from Morea Style, for Halloween, Bloody Mary.

In the ritual of today, Bloody Mary allegedly appears to individuals or groups who realistically invoke her name in an act of catoptromancy. This is done by repeatedly chanting her name in a mirror placed in a dimly lit or candle-lit room. The Bloody Mary apparition allegedly appears as a corpse, a witch or ghost; can be friendly or evil; and is sometimes “seen” covered in blood. The lore surrounding the ritual states that participants may endure the apparition screaming at them, cursing them, strangling them, stealing their soul, drinking their blood or scratching their eyes out

The dress fit for a bride, in a pure white satin with silk veils and skirts has a hand stitched lace edging the sleeves and bodice front which is carried into the high collar, but the thing that makes this dress a little more sinister is the blood spatter covering the front and sleeves, and also on the skirt, a headband and belt with its trail of blood dripping from it are also included in the outfit as well as the blood stain on the face,

scare the life out of all that see you at parties this season,

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