-AZUL- Amalia-Emerald – limited Edition

-AZUL- Amalia_003


In addition to the resent release of Amalia from -AZUL- in store Mami Jewel has gone a step further and has brought Amaila to the SOLARIS 2015A/W Fashion Week, With this limited Edition colour,

This stunning sleeveless dress has a fine lace top that runs into a figure hugging mermaid style skirt in a beautiful Emerald satin, the dress features a hip flare with lace bows and feathers matching the top which then has emerald silks flowing from it, mirroring the skirts and the shoulder drape that also has the fine lace and feather details,

making this a every elegant and sort after dress, if there’s one thing you do this week head over to  SOLARIS 2015A/W Fashion Week and pick one up coz when its gone its gone

thanks for looking

Style Eternal

SOLARIS 2015A/W Fashion Week  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Campignon%20DesOs%20Isle/4/125/26

▬ -AZUL- on SL:http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/joia%20azul/128/128/28
▬ -AZUL- on SL Marketplace: http://bit.ly/AZULonSLMarketplace
▬ -AZUL- on Facebook: http://bit.ly/AZULonFacebook
▬ -AZUL- on Flickr [Releases]: http://bit.ly/AZULReleasesOnFlickr


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