Dark Art


Exclusive for the Fantasy Collective from Wiccas Wardrobe

One of four great new designs with a touch of fantasy Fhloston Outfit never be underdressed for any roleplay you may find yourself in this outfit has a low-cut front showing your stomach and has silver straps across the bust and a sliver waistband that also runs up your  back and over your shoulder, attached to that is a high-necked collar and to each side there is a black silk drape that tucks into the back of the waist band, the texture of the dress has a sliver pattern to complement the embellishments on a black leather  the dress also comes with sliver armbands with spikes.

also available are two headpieces Corona Headpiece and Plava  headpiece (worn),The Corona Headpiece  in a cage style comes with a colour changer hud so you can change the colours of the metals to suit any outfit you may have, and a resizer and is an original mesh creation from Wiccas Wardrobe.

The Plava headpiece has the same design as the dress and is a perfect together, it has a roman helmet feel to it with a modern twist this is also an original mesh creation and comes with a resizer

And lastly Skylea Heels,again textured to complement the dress and comes in ten colours and are for slink high feet, the heels have a peep toe and buckles but what makes skylea unique is the combines heel and sole

available now

Thanks for Looking

Style Eternal

Wiccas Wardrobe

the Fantasy Collective LM



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