Sorbet Film Noir


Exclusive for The Instruments from White Room Couture

 A dress that could have been Straight from the Hollywood’s silver screen, The dress from White Room Couture  called sorbet comes in five colours and each has its own unique colour gradient,

It also comes with two optional shirt layers in black with or without a flowers detail on the front, for the more conservative lady that doesn’t like to show too much skin.

The long-sleeved dress is a sultry and very curvy sensuous gown and is meant to accentuate all curves. it comes in five sizes and is bound to wow,

I have also added a Hat and jewelry from SASCHA’S DESIGNS

the hat called BomBom comes in two colours and has a face veil, chic and cute a perfect addition to any outfit  not forgetting the Rocher  bead  necklace in sliver,

the make up is from Oceane – Lips & Liner Gold Passion Bordeaux

available at the instruments

Thanks For Looking

Style Eternal

The instruments LM

White Room Couture LM

White Room Couture, 5th Avenue  (40, 123, 21)


Oceane – LM


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