Exclusive for The Fantasy Collective

Getting ready for the apocalypse there no better outfit than the one from WIcca’s Wardrobe the outfit comes in 3 colour variations, which has 5 sizes coz who said you couldn’t be comfortable while kicking zombie butt

The Furiosa top is made from quality stitched leather and has metal  spiked breast plates and shoulders, protective but fashionable all at the same time

The Furiosa shorts are also made from the best leather and are high in detail, they feature thigh braces great for keeping your guns in easy reach for those surprise attacks

Also available are long leather pants called Renraku for the colder nights or even to just cover up, theses also come in 5 sizes, and have so much detail that you’ll notice more each time you wear them

The Three Dog Hat holds extra bullets on its side and comes with goggles and can be worn with or without the goggles and has a hud for resize and textures but no matter how you wear it your going to look great

all available now at the Fantasy Collective

thanks for looking

Style Eternal

The Fantasy Collective LM


Wiccas Wardrobe


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