Standing in my loft just thinking on what to do for the day, but didn’t want to just dress dull, I wanted to feel feminine so I put on this cute little dress from Morea Style, comes in two colours black and white,

Both dresses are made from the fines lace and has a lace flexi skirts and top frill on the front of the dress there is a corset style tie detail that fastens together at the top, Adley also comes with its own jewelry in silver and black matching both outfits

The Sliver Necklace has a silver and black  gem pendant which matches the earring with twists of black and silver, and bangles to match

Also new are the Corale shoes which are compatible for slink high and TMP feet, the shoes come with a colour changer hud to change the colour of each side of the show so you can have silver on one side and black the other, also you can change the colour of the ankle strap, and front laces  heel and sole, great for any outfit,

so even if your going out for a casual day but ends up a long night this dress can accommodate for and still stay styled

available at main store

Thanks for Looking

Style Eternal



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