HHC – Chloe


Exclusive for SWANK from HHC- The Chloe Ensemble

A day out wouldn’t be the same without a visit to the pier,  But just because you’re not going far does not mean to say you have to look drab and boring, The Chloe Ensemble from HHC, is perfect for a quick trip out, not only is it stylish and chic it comes with everything you will need.

 The sleeveless wrapped top has oversized buttons and a beautifully detailed multi coloured pattern in soft pastels and comes in 5 mesh sizes,

The Ensemble also includes Capri pants in two colours, white and print perfectly matching the top with a double button waistband beautifully made to flatter your legs,

ANd you need a bag for all your bits and pieces HHC has supplied that too in a white leather featuring a gold HHC logo a perfect compliment for the outfit, finishing the look you have earrings and a bracelet, in gold and diamonds the horseshoe style drop earrings are encrusted with small diamonds on the edge and a larger diamond as a center piece,

So if your out and about and your trip out turns into a night out you know that your be styled and chic effortlessly

available at the SWANK event

Thanks For Looking

Style Eternal






3 thoughts on “HHC – Chloe

  1. Heth Vertaus July 24, 2015 / 04:31

    Thank you Issy. Absolutely beautiful blog. TY TY TY ❤ ~ Heth


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