-AZUL- Ohana ‘8’


New Release from ~AZUL~ Called Ohana

Made for Miss SL Vietnam the gown comes in fourteen stunning colours, and a limited edition colour available in store. and  five sizes, I am wearing Peridot, pale green satin with gold stitched detailing on the side  like a flower opening its petals across the gown and stretching around the back,

The Back features a scalloped drape in satin and silk that also matches the silks of the layered semi-sheer skirt which are as flexi as the flowing shoulder pieces, graceful and elegant with every step you take, guaranteed to make you stand out at any function you attend

Available at main store

Thanks for Looking

Style eternal

▬ -AZUL- on SL: http://bit.ly/AZULMainStore

▬ -AZUL- on SL Marketplace: http://bit.ly/AZULonSLMarketplace

▬ -AZUL- on Facebook: http://bit.ly/AZULonFacebook

▬ -AZUL- on Flickr [Releases]: http://bit.ly/AZULReleasesOnFlickr

Styling Credits

-AZUL- Ohana(MSL/MissVietnam)/Peridot

Lazuri Diona V1 Necklace 1

[enVOGUE] – HAIR Charlotte – Light Reds


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