New release from Morea Style

Just simply stopping at a service station to grab a soda can be a photo opportunity and cause a stir, especially wearing TALIA by Morea Style

I love this new outfit from Morea Styles,  not only does it come in five sizes,  The sleeveless  cropped top has a colour changeable hud  with ten colour options the top has a flowered detail on the front  the outfit also comes with black leather look jeans decorated with studs on the pockets a  bottom of the pant legs  also included is a belt in three sizes which is resizeable, the silver hooped belt had rings and bow details

I’m also wearing Heels called VITA from Morea Style For SLINK/MAITREYA/BELLEZA high wedge shoes in rigged and non rigged versions, but the best part for theses shoes is the fact that they come with a colour changeable hud so you can change to colours of each part of the shoe to up to ten colours

all available at the Main Store now




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