-AZUL- Anais 7


New From ~AZUL~ Anais

As soon as I saw this I couldn’t wait to get my paws on it, but then couldn’t decide on what colour to get so I got two, I got the limited edition Garnet and YellowTourmaline, but even then I couldn’t make my mind up as to which one to wear so I wore both,

I love the colours of the YellowTourmaline  suit, and the way it wraps around  the body in a stream of soft silk, and yet the top and the middle have a translucency just so much to seen a little skin but enough to cover the bit that need covering,

I added The skirt and back drape from the Garnet Dress  both decorated with different colour flowers  I love the way it gives a Hawaiian feel to the outfit, and the lightness of the silk skirt   with its colours fading into to each other, gently swaying in the sea breeze

Anais comes in five sizes and a variation of stunning colours, but you know you wont just get the one, make a splash this summer

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-AZUL- Anais /Garnet (Limited_100)

-AZUL- Anais /YellowTourmaline


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