Miss AZUL 2015 Portfolio 6


Miss AZUL 2015 Portfolio 6

If I hide here i wont be seen ill sit upon a flower and peak between the grass so I can see the beauty that stands before me .

I wonder where she’s going, I wonder who she is, Is she waiting for someone or just passing though. All I know is what ever she is doing she dressed in the best

A gown From ~AZUL~ I see no doubt about that, the black lace overlay fabric on a stain base is unmistakable, with bows on the shoulders. the V neck sleeveless dress is a vision, the black satin waist band holds reams of black chiffon floating and swaying in the breeze,  a ~AZUL~ group gift from March still in store for everyone to own and love.

I see Jewelry from Lazuri called Cocoa Island, and a hat from Baboom-mesh- Summer Hat-black

Thanks For Looking

Style Eternal

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-AZUL- Marketplace


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