Ville @ SWANK

~AZUL~ 4_006

Exclusively at SWANK From Lyrical B!zzare

SWANK is a new monthly fashion event bringing together a select group of designers with themed releases. Come and witness the hottest new designs from SL that are exclusive to this event.

Chic in the sun while walking around the marina take in the sights and sounds, maybe stop for a coffee or the various small shops selling there nick nacks and Bricker brack and picking up a souvenir or two

doesnt matter what or where you go you know you will be keeping cool even in the hottest days, with this outfit from Lyrical B!zzare, Ville is a short cotton sleeveless dress, made to fit your figure, the pale yellow is combined with golden accents and flowery hemline, makes you look fresh throughout the day with a high open collar which attaches to the dress by strands of gold the only thing that’s missing from this dress is a necklace, But, Ville comes with a backlace, in strands of pale yellow fabric matching the dress and from each strand are golden beads

available now at the SWANK monthly event open now

thanks for looking

Style Eternal

July 7th – July 31st

Lyrical Bizarre




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