The first post of many for my ~AZUL~ portfolio  in the run up to the coming competition,

I thought i would start with my audition outfit made up from three outfits  firstly the Mesh dress itself  is  Iolanda in garnet, a strapless garnet satin dress with a black lace overlay is a perfect base to start with, i have added skirts from the gown called Anjelique the gown worn by anjelica Carling for her last walk as Miss Virtual World, The skirt has Garnet feather textures with an edge of gold plucked straight from a phoenix, I have added a collar piece from the gown called Manjusaka also in garnet this striking collar piece comes in two variations, one with and one without the array of  fine garnet feathers   that makes the whole look come together effortlessly

one of many outfit waiting to be put together all from the fabulous Mami Jewell’s ~AZUL~

Thanks for looking

Style Eternal

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