AZUL- K’aalogii Limited Edition


Limited Edition for creation JP From ~AZUL~ K’aalogii in Sugilite

This Beautiful gown called K’aalogii like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon waiting for the rays of the sun to dry its wings ready to encounter the new world around it, to fly high into the air and look at the world below in a new light which it could only see from branch to branch as a small caterpillar.

like the butterfly this dress comes out of the shadows and brings new light with its beautifully created sleeves in Stunning Blue silks decorated in a silvery white floral design like wings spread ready for flight, the gown itself is an off the shoulder mermaid style dress with the same stunning design running from the top and fading into the flowing skirt. coordinating with the design is an over sized bow belt in a Black Satin texture with a white patterned floral design with butterfly’s the bow is held together with gold swirling and twisting like antennas which is echoed in the head-piece holing on to a flower the gown also has a neck piece edged in gold and blue

The gown has a kimono feel to it while bringing it to the forefront of fashion

I am Also wearing the new Group Gift from Finesmiths called  perach the set includes earring, necklace and a ring, in semi precious stones and gold put together in a flower design, the centre stones are turquoise with an outer ring of red stones  available at the store now

Thanks for looking

Style eternal

( CJP 1st Anniversary Round) : 27th June. 2015 (0:00SLT) 〜25th July. 2015


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-AZUL- Marketplace



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