New from Wicca’s Wardrobe for The instruments

 the first of four items exclusively made for the instruments is

Visenya Dress  in red and gold

A red strapless corset trimmed with gold around the edges and seems with a layered gold armored skirt at the back and hips, the dress also comes with a gold collar

Alysanne Booties [Red/Black]

red ankle boots which have a black toe cap and front detail also has a small gold dragon heel with wings outstretched holding the boot as you walk, the boots have a gold detail on the front and a gold side zip

Dragon Earrings [Copper]

Tiny Little copper dragons hugging onto your ears with their tails hanging shaping the ear ready to pounce on anyone that comes close comes with a resizer

and finally from Wicca’s Wardrobe

Dragon Queen Headpiece [Red/Gold

The headpiece has a gold centerpiece with red wings tot he sides, held together with gold chains that drape around your face like an armoured helmet, there are two variations of this headpiece the other has a red centre  and gold side wings but no matter which you choose both are perfect for any couture battle to the death

I am also wearing UC_Dragon_scale_braclet in gold

gold scales held together with gold chains that incase your wrist and protect it from harm comes with a colour changing hud and are available for slink casual hands there are three colours available, gold stripe, silver stripe and solid

Thanks for Looking

Style Eternal

The instruments LM


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