.:JUMO:. Mother of Dragons


New release for The instruments

.:JUMO:. Mother of Dragons

ever wonder what it would feel like to have control of dragons in the palm of your hand, well with this dress from Jumo, you have 3 all at once

A stunning dress that comes in 5 colours, Black ,Gold, Green, Sky and Blood ( worn ) each dress comes with a full set of accessories,

The  strapless dress is beautifully detailed with inlay of silver capturing the shape of the body as it runs down to the full skirt, the dress also has detached puff sleeves,

Crafted in silver the headdress features 3 dragon head nestled in between an array of flowers and has silver droplets hanging from each side with crystals sparkling round the headband,  also included are earrings and a necklace and rings, each with a dragon head detail and crystals, the outfit also comes with  peep toe shoes made from dragon skin.

I’m also using a pose from *PosESioN*  called Throne Set available from The Instruments June round on now until the 9th July

Thanks for Looking

Style Eternal

The Instruments LM



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