Going To The Chapel


New From ~AZUL~ for The Bridal- Regina

It is very rare to find a woman who hasn’t watched “Cinderella” and dreamed about marrying her prince. By the time most women reach the age of 13, they have already planned out the details of their dream wedding, there is only one time in her life that she will wear a gown as beautiful as the one she chooses for her wedding day.

Any bride that chooses this Gown from Mami Jewel  will feel like her dreams come true the beautifully crafted long-sleeved mermaid style dress, has a drop front and back  while the figure hugging shape  emphasizes  your every curve.

made with the finest Silks and lace beautifully detailed fabric flows down the dress  to the lace and silk skirts the front skirts has a rose details above the knee, the lace continues to the back as a top layer covering the silk into a long train sweeping behind as you move,

The dress also has the same lace sleeve at the top of the arm and again for the cuffs,  Regina also comes with a lace detailed vail, in 2 sizes to fit any head perfectly and a bouquet of Calla Lilly  and white roses, you get three bouquets all with different poses, and held together with white ribbons to add the finishing touch to the whole dress

Regina comes in eight stunning colours, (Champagne pictured) so theres no need to stick with tradition

For my jewelry I had the honour for wearing a special set from Heth Haute Couture

 Created for Lady Falina Katze-Elmer, this breathtaking set features a stunning crown, earrings, circlet, and matching necklace. It also includes a tiny crown that you can send to your flower girl. This mesh set features a polished platinum metal base with pearls and hundreds of fully animated diamonds. Fit for a queen, you will be sure to make your groom gasp and leave everyone in awe as you take that walk up the aisle on your special day.

Thanks for Looking

Style Eternal


Mainstore LM  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/joia%20azul/189/134/28

▬ -AZUL- on SL Marketplace: http://bit.ly/AZULonSLMarketplace

Heth Haute Couture 

♛ Heth Haute Couture  Landmark:
Pure Luxury (227,67,21)

♛ Heth Haute Couture Marketplace:


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