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New Releases from Lyrical B!zarre and Finesmiths.

I have been giving the privilege to blog for Finesmiths, and for my first post i wanted something a little different, but got side tracked like i normally do, when Lyrical B!zarre sent out her new dress for Chapter Four. so decided to add them together, and came up with this..

Roux Noir from Lyrical B!zzare a simple full length off the shoulder dress  in Black with Gold detailing around both the bust and bottom of the dress, each detail gives the appearance of feather taking from a beautiful golden bird and added to it with careful thought and style,  altho not actually feathers, from a distance who can tell the difference

The waist band has a gold Faux Belt centering your eye level and giving shape to your body. available as a copy only item for Chapter Four Event

Also for Lryical B!zarre is the  Stretch – Collar a snake skin dyed ruby red collar  that sits comfortably on your neck adorned with red gems of different sizes and shapes, a must for any wardrobe,  available at 1st ** Rue A La Page**

I am also wearing Karma in Red from Finesmiths a stunning jewelry set comprising of a  tiara, earrings and a necklace (not shown)

the Tiara in red has fine gemstones cradled among the finest golds and feathers, each feather looks dipped from the setting sun and then added to the twists and swirls to create a piece of art , added to the tiara as small red colored pearls nestling in the band

the fish hook style drop earrings are decorated with the same gems of red and blue, carefully set into gold, with feathers adding length

all together well worth getting from each store and event

Thanks For Looking

Style Eternal

LandMarks for Events and Stores



Lyrical B!zarre



Chapter Four

 June 4th – June 25th

 1st ** Rue A La Page**
1st June – 25th June


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