yet again we seem to have the wedding season upon us and there’s no better time to go out and look for the perfect dress,  and Lyrical B!zzare has helped us out with that with this stunning gown called Lure, for the Penumbra Event

The Pure white gown comes in the usual five sizes,  with an off the shoulder design bodice decorated in fine gems twinkling and sparkling on a delicate patterned fabric texture which is carried on in the layers of soft frills of the skirt giving the skirt a fuller appearance coming to an end just under the knee  but then the side follow down with the loose ribbon ties hanging down  bringing a classic look into a new era the inside of the dress has a light blue patterned texture that can be seen briefly as you move around giving a slight blue glow,

what dress would be complete without a veil again Lure doesn’t disappoint, with its Frilled head piece decorated with white flowers and pearls,  hugging the hair-line  adding a special something,

why be dull on your special day make it a day to remember with Lure

Thanks for Looking

Style Eternal

Timeline: May 16th – May 23rd

Lyrical B!zarre LM


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