High Priestess


The High Priestess  from Lyrical B!zarre for the create your own Tarot event

“Create your own Tarot” is a series of Second Life events exploring one theme of the Major Arcana cards in each month featuring items from 22 creators for two weeks.

A woman in a blue robe stares straight ahead. She is Normally seated between two pillars, her chair almost completely covered by her flowing robe. Her headdress curves out from her head and carries a large sphere in its center. At her feet is a golden crescent moon, balanced as if she is stepping on it to keep it in place. She holds the sacred Torah scroll, has a white cross on her chest and sits in front of a decorative tapestry illustrated with patterns of fruit bursting out of its skin in between palm trees. The tapestry is suspended between the pillars. One pillar is black and , the other pillar is white Behind all this is a blue background reminiscent of a night lit by the fullest, brightest moon.

High Priestess suggests you possess inherent good judgment, in the form of strong intuition. She may indicate that reason should take second place to instinct. Your head must trust in the wisdom of your heart for a change. Yet, she is also an aide by nature, and her presence in certain parts of your spread could be indicative of someone close to you coming to your rescue with their own intuition. Intuition is most effective at seeing what is hidden to the senses, so the High Priestess may also come as a warning of concealed facts or influences that are, or will be, important to you.

Beautifully created Mesh Dress and long sleeves come in 5 sizes, with added frills for the arms and skirt, all in a stunning blue texture, A High Collar cradles the head on which a blue headpiece sits in its regal place under the collar is a cross pendant with blue and gold textures which focuses the eye as it runs down to the skirt each piece flowing around light as air enabling the priestess to do her work with grace and strength.

also included is a scroll and a pomegranate Pie

I Love doing the tarot collection from Lyrical B!zarre and cant wait to see some of the more exotic characters as they come out

thanks for looking

Style Eternal

Create your own Tarot Event LM


Lyrical B!zarre main store LM



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